Promote yourself

We help people (like you!) promote their CrowdFunding effort ( i.e. Campaigns, Seminars, Experties and Events) 

Our main objectives are;

  • CrowdFunding education  as a method to promote Indie capitalism .
  • CrowdFunding promotions by leveraging Crowd Funding issuers, professional experts and portals by using Google as  the  marketing and innovation engine .
  • Be the knowledge base and Curators of CrowdFunding videos and content worldwide.
  • Single source of information which could  transform your ideas to reality through expert sourcing and networking CrowdFunding community. 

As a CrowdFunding curator,  we have a knack for finding the gems in mountain of online CrowdFunding content. Our experts source team watch hundreds of videos, gather the best CrowdFunding  content, distribute and make it available to the channel and a network of backers and investor community.

We collect, share and prompt information (text,picture and video) on your CrowdFunding ;
  • Campaigns ( issuers ) 
  • Portals (CrowdFund websites) 
  • Conferences and seminars
  • How to's
We and our members conduct research based on the collection, provide proper classification, categories and share that research with the public, CrowdFunding enthusiasts and investor communities.

Our goal is to provide a useful  service to CrowdFunding community and be the largest portal for CrowdFunding Trends, Trend Spotting, Cool Hunting, Innovation and  investment opportunities. 

We count on you to provide us with your best content. We collaborate and promote  you based on the " Pay it Forward " philosophy.

Please send us your "Big" CrowdFunding Idea, content and we will promote your Value Proposition for Free.